Adobe Design For Good Challenge

Adobe partnered with The Trevor Project for this in August 2020. The Trevor Project is a nonprofit that helps LGBTQIA+ youth navigate their mental health and ultimately preventing suicide attempts by at risk youth.


How might we make the experience of learning about LGBTQIA+ issues less overwhelming and more fun for loved ones of LGBTQIA+ people to enable them to be a supportive advocate?

My Role: Entire Design Process
Software: Adobe XD
Timeline: 2 weeks

Target Audience

People that are wanting to learn about all aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community and history. These could be people that are LGBT+ themselves or people that have friends or loved ones that are a part of the community.



Brand Development

The name IZM was a team decision before my teammate backed out from the challenge. IZM was related to "ism." The thought behind it was to create an app that help increase people's understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community and to focus on providing resources that were going to bring awareness to those most marginalized in the LGBTQIA+ community which are BIPOC Transgender Women.

I believe that intersectionality is incredibly important so for this app, I explored different multimedia options that would be real and highlight the experiences of these groups of individuals.

I kept the logo very simple with a bold typeface and created a layer rainbow effect under the bright white typeface, Lora.

The color palette was very simple. I chose a background that was a rainbow cloud gradient. Throughout the app, I used purple and lavender. These colors are symbolic in the gay community. Purple became a symbol of Gay empowerment in 1969 in response to the Stonewall Riots in New York City. A month after the riot, a parade took place and the crowd wore lavender arm bands and sashes.

The rest as the would say, is Gay History. Thank you to the black trans women that paved the way for LGBT+ rights in the United States. I probably wouldn't be able to openly create an app like this if it wasn't for Marsha P. Johnson. This is dedicated to her.

Home Page

The home page would use machine learning and hashtags to organize content that would be displayed for each user dependent on their learning interests.

The screen offers users a way to easily organize the content on the home page depending on if they want a chance to learn via watching content, reading, or discussing.

The home page has access to a users daily learning goals too.

Gamification Via Daily Goal

This MVP definitely needs further development on the gamification feature. My idea was to incentivise users to be more engaged in the learning process by offering daily learning experiences to complete based on their personal interests.

I believe that having additional ways to track this and bonuses for completing tasks would improve this. This was only a two week sprint so it was outside of my scope to continue to develop. However, I wanted to high light the idea and that I attempted this aspect of the project.

What did I learn?

This was my first time using Adobe XD. I learned how to do a lot of new things in the program with the help of the Adobe resources made available to me. I focused on providing real life resources within the app because I wanted to make this as real as possible. I did not think about how this app would work from a business perspective. My thought was that this would be a resource to make learning less overwhelming and would be not for profit but this did add challenges of resources needing to be rerouted outside the app which could be problematic.

What would I do differently?

I would have envisioned this product as being a company that provides learning experiences for folks that wish to become better advocates. If I had more time, I would have created learning experiences within the app that were based on research. These experiences would fit specific learning needs. I may have offered community support features as well, something similar to Medium where individuals could teach via writing articles for the community. Visually, there is definitely room to grow on some of these screens too.

What did I do?