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Case Studies

Role: User Research, UX Design, UI Design
Tools and Software: Figma & Miro
Time Line: 3 week design sprint

Educational project that focused on solving a transit issue with a mobile application. I solved an additional problem by creating an in app feature that using photographs of bus stop locations to help users confirm that they have found the correct bus stop.

Midwest Metro

Role: Research, UX/UI Design, Branding,
Tools and Software: Figma &
Time Line: 3 Week design sprint

I partnered with my friend, Ethan. He is a a board game collector and player. He wanted me to create a mobile app that functions better than the current one he uses.
       1. How will we provide a mobile based community for  board game enthusiasts to meet in real life to play board games?
        2. How will we create a UI that is more delightful, organized, and user friendly than the competitor mobile apps?

Board & Hoard

Role: User Research, Branding, UX, and UI
Tools and Software: Google Forms, MTurk, FIgma, Adobe Illustrator
Time Line: 4 weeks

Exolvuntur is a reproductive health mobile app that focuses on providing health focused care for users that needs are not being met in other apps. This app focuses on folks with PCOS (an infertility disorder), LGBT+ users, and those with multiple partners.
***UNDER Construction! Building an updated case study and updating the original design. Check out the project presentation by clicking the image.***


Role: UI Design
Tools and Software: Figma, GIFs, Adobe Spark, OBS
Time Line: 1 week

UI development for mobile that provides a cohesive experience for current users of the web based platform.

Local Eyes

Role: Project development, Logo Development, UX Design, UI Design,
Tools and Software: Adobe XD
Time Line: 2 weeks

Adobe XD: Design for Good challenge working with the Trevor Project which is an organization that helps LGBT+ youth by providing a suicide hotline. I created an app that focuses on providing real educational resources for those with LGBT+ loved one. I found intersectional and vetted resources in the forms of books, movies, ect. Education should be fun and interactive.


Various works created as a freelance design for web based designs and graphic design projects. Page under construction 10/26/2021.

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